Hey, I'm Miranda, a creative creating content around many a niche.

I talk about: trauma, violent representation, pop cultural trends, how white supremacy uses Irish American spaces, & little counter cultures of beauty. You'll know me from my coverage of women in pro wrestling and my "Trailer Park Hot" TikTok trend.


I have C-PTSD and it informs my entire life. It has led me to a deeper respect for genre violence and led me to ask more of it. I've written about pro wrestling for over five years and my works are cited in books and theses. I have an ongoing John Wick podcast that explores theme and style in the series, related action, and what it says about its audience.

My own trauma and experience of violence is of course tied to the socioeconomic and cultural landscape of my own family and so I'm passionate about decolonizing how we engage with art and ancestry on every level.


for business inquiries and opportunities, reach out via email or Twitter. To support me and gain access to exclusive works of original fiction, bonus content from the John Wick podcast, & further critical essays, please check out ko-fi.com/lostwolfling.